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Forget and Experience Best Beijing Acrobatics for Just one Day

It's me again, Darren. It's been mad busy lately, constantly traveling between China and Japan because of work. As someone who is deeply concerned about nature and world politics.. sometimes taking so many flights just makes me stress about the impact I am having on our environment. I guess that is one reason why I started this blog so I can at least make one good contribution in raising awareness towards environmental issues. The climate is a very important thing, but the reality is that most people cannot do much about it because they are just too busy with trying to make a living. Such is the case for myself as well unfortunately.But the good things is, that there is a lot of...

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How to Contact me!

While I do love the community here at TBlog and it's simple enough for me to use. I have to admit that there are some problems with the interface and I am having trouble doing some more complex things. Like adding a photo to my profile, or creating an "about me" page for example. Since a few people I asked, I thought I would just simply make a post about how you can get in touch with me.Oh & here is my picture for those who are curious who is behind these writings!  My name is Darren. It's actually my real name, not just a Chinese version. I guess my parents liked English names and wanted me to be good in English. Well, so I became as they wished!To contact me,...

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All Natural or Not

A lot of people claim to be natural. But is this naturally so? Heh, heh. Nice punch line wasn't it. Well, a lot of things are not natural in this world. Actually it is pretty much difficult to think of anything as natural, if you consider human manipulation as non-natural. But there is quite a conflict here, since officially it is so and people who make some very unnatural things are claiming that they are simply doing what human history has done since the cave man.This is just an excuse of course and the reason why I think we should start thinking out of the "natural" box. In fact, the business behind the word itself has become so huge that it's difficult to know how...

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Google Block Proves Chinese Government Transparency Claims Wrong

It's time to turn our attentions, once again towards mainland China. With all it's achievements as well as failures, it's really an incredible country to be in right now. Well, in fact it is having a very large scale impact, so even if you don't live there you will still be hugely effected by it. However, I would like to talk from the perspective of living there, which is a pretty amazing experience not only for the expats but even for the Chinese themselves.While sometimes we see huge leaps of development, sometimes we see huge decline. It is approximately three weeks that Google has been blocked by the great firewall of China. Which means, that academics, students as...

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A Bit About Myself

I wanted to take this opportunity and tell a bit about my background and not just blog anonymously. My name is Darren Heng, and I am interested in Asia as well as everything that has got to do with nature, or our planet and the people who live within it. Now that's a pretty broad description, but I cant help it. I've found the many so called "environmentalists" or just about anyone concerned with global warming has a way of dividing things between "good" and the "bad". I however think that for us to actually solve some issues in this world, we should broaden our thinking and think of everything as a whole. The decision is simply a trap in my opinion.. so that you can feel good...

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Recycling Chinese Theater Personalities

When I think about the nature of people in Asian countries.. I think of Peking Opera. Loud, colorful, speaking strange languages, musical, dancing and knows Kung Fu! Of course these are some pretty odd stereo types, but when I went to see some theater in Beijing, I realized that this view is not TOO FAR from the truth. This "theater personality" as I like to call it, is what I love about a lot of Asian countries. Especially China. It creates a lot of problems, while it solves many of them at the same time. I would say that the problem solving part is head on, full steam! This deep personality has created a strong industry of money makers, a lot of them who like to recycle....

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